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About Our Software

Tilt-DesignNS was developed by a practicing engineer, and designed exclusively for use by engineering professionals. In order to provide functionality well beyond what you would find in a typical, simple spreadsheet, it is necessary to use code. There are over 100,000 lines of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code incorporated into the Tilt-DesignNS program. In order to be identified as a “trusted source” by our users, the VBA code in the program has been digitally signed.

What is Code Signing?

When customers buy software in a store, the source of that software is obvious. Customers can tell who published the software, and they can see whether the package has been opened. These factors enable customers to make decisions about what software to purchase and how much to "trust" those products.

Customers who download content from tilt-sys.com can be confident that the code really comes from us, and hasn't been altered or corrupted since it was created and signed. This is accomplished using Microsoft's Authenticode technology coupled with Tilt-Sys’ digital ID/certificate. Code signing, through the use of digital signatures, enables software developers such as Tilt-Sys Inc. to include information about ourselves and our code with the software.

Digital IDs serve as virtual "shrink wrap" for software. After the code is signed, if it is tampered with in any way, the digital signature will break and alert customers that the code has been altered and is not trustworthy.

Users benefit from this software accountability because they know who published the software and that the code hasn't been tampered with. In the extreme case where software might perform unacceptable or malicious activity on their computers, users can pursue recourse against the publisher. This accountability and potential recourse serve as a strong deterrent to the distribution of harmful code.

We as a developer benefit from code signing because it builds trust in our name and makes it more difficult to falsify our product. By signing our code, we can build a trusted relationship with users, who learn they can download software signed by Tilt-Sys Inc. with confidence.