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Tilt-DesignNS Spreadsheet Program


New River Middle School, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Seawalk Pavilion, Jacksonville Beach, Florida Photo By Antony Rieck


Sutton Place at Windsor Parke, Jacksonville, Florida Photo By Antony Rieck

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Design is based on Section 14.8 of the ACI 318 Code, “Alternative Design of Slender Walls”. This is also the basis for the now published ACI 551 “Design Guide For Tilt-up Concrete Panels”, which expands on the provisions of ACI 318, Section 14.8, with design examples covering a variety of support and load conditions.

Like most spreadsheet programs, it is intuitive and easy to use. Unlike most spreadsheet programs, it is a powerful design tool, incorporating many of the features found in a full-fledged Windows Application.

Program Design Features:

  • Design using ACI 318-02, ACI 318-05 or ACI 318-08 code
  • English or Metric Units
  • English-Metric & Metric-English conversion tools
  • Convert English input to Metric/Convert Metric input to English
  • Strength design using up to five standard load combinations (ACI 318/ASCE 7) & two custom load combinations
  • Deflection design using up to two standard load combinations (ACI 318/ASCE 7) & two custom load combinations
  • Standard or user defined deflection limit
  • Normal weight or lightweight concrete
  • Select from typical concrete strengths, or specify custom strength
  • Customizable minimum vertical & horizontal reinforcement ratios
  • Steel yield strengths of 40, 50, 60 or 70 ksi (English)
  • English and Imperial (soft) metric bars built-in
  • Full control in specifying steel location within the panel
  • Allowance for all types of architectural finishes and reveals
  • Allowance for adjacent panel openings, automatically calculated
  • Load types: dead, floor live, roof live, snow, wind and seismic
  • Design check for uniformly spaced reinforcing (#4 @ 8), pilaster-type reinforcing (10 - #4) or input area of steel
  • Design optimization for uniformly spaced or pilaster-type reinforcing - program picks the reinforcing for you!
  • Optimization for strength only, or strength & deflection
  • Immediate visual confirmation of design results

Other Program Features:

  • User default settings, with ability to reset input to defaults
  • Built-in File System for saving panel data and projects
  • Flexible panel data naming convention, with ability to rename and delete saved data for individual panel designs
  • Save multiple panel designs to a project data file outside the workbook - no more copying worksheets!
  • Professional looking, customizable output calculations - This is not your normal Excel screen image "output"!
  • Errors & Warnings via dialog boxes
  • Input check features & reminders built-in
  • Comprehensive Help file, including Technical Notes with "how-to" instructions

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista and now Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office - Excel Spreadsheet: XP (Office 2002), 2003 or 2007

Output Example (Click To Enlarge)

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